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The good news is that you no longer have to instruct your local high st solicitor, technology has freed consumers up to go with whichever conveyancer they like, regardless of location. This means other factors come into play in the decision making process; who’s the cheapest? Who’s the best rated? Who’s the most efficient and will get the transaction happening fastest? Beware that lots of sites that promise comparisons are only showing you firms who are paying them for the referral.

Rello only work with conveyancers who have fantastic ratings and feedback, who have manageable workloads, so will pick up the phone. Most importantly they are conveyancers we can feel confident are going to make your life easier.

A conveyancer can be a solicitor or a legal representative, they are responsible for preparing your contracts for buying or selling a property.

They will check the other party’s paperwork to make sure the right questions are asked and you’re in full possession of all the facts about a home before you complete the purchase. They also manage the transfer of funds and exchange of contracts to complete the sale.

The average right now is 5 months, but this is driven by the length of the chain, your mortgage provider, the quality of your conveyancers, or the complexity of the sale.

If you’re a first-time buyer, without a property chain, using an excellent conveyancer the purchase time can be brought down (our current record is 42 days for a property purchase)

The cost of conveyancing varies depending on the price of the property, and the complexity of the sale. Expect to pay anything from £500 to £2000 per transaction for the legal work, plus more for disbursements.

You pay for legal fees on completion of the sale, along with stamp duty. There may be some smaller fees that are payable earlier on, like searches or surveys.

You should instruct a conveyancer as soon as you list your property or have an offer accepted. The sooner the better, to get the ball rolling!

Alongside Rello’s excellent conveyancers, you can benefit from our Move Progression service, this gives you access to a team and tool to manage your property chain and update you on everyone’s progress, without you having to call around all the parties in the chain.

Better communication speeds up all aspects of the transaction, which will get you into your new home sooner.