Multi-Branch Estate Agency: Taylor Milburn

Case Study

Jamie Fisher, Owner & Director of Taylor Milburn
personal estate agent using Rello's sales progression app and services to satisfy home buyers in the UK | Image: Young home buyers embrace after completing their home purchase.


Jamie Fisher owns Taylor Milburn, an independent, multi-branch estate agency covering the towns and rural areas of North Essex and South Suffolk. While incredibly proud of his firm’s high ESTAS® rating, he’s always looking for ways to further enhance their service, particularly through the use of cutting-edge technology. To support his vision, he selected Rello for its unique approach to sales progression and conveyancing services.


As property businesses across the U.K. know, 2023 was a challenging year for estate agents. Such market woes led Jamie to seek innovations to give his agency an edge.

With the belief that the market would pick up by the end of 2023, he wished to introduce a solution to Taylor Milburn that met three specific criteria: first and foremost, it needed to enhance client service; second, it should be easy to implement; and finally, it must make the business more profitable.


Rello checks all three boxes and more with its efficient mix of people and technology:

✔️ Enhances Client Service

✔️ Easy to Implement

✔️ Boosts Business Profits

The Rello team secures updates on the whole chain and displays them in the Chain View portal, allowing all parties involved to see the progress clearly and concisely.

“Engaging with Rello is simple. I simply send the MoS to Rello and they pick up the sales progression from there. Everyone saw the benefit from day one.”

The platform also allows Taylor Milburn to provide cost-effective conveyancing quotes straight to the client from a panel of individual solicitors. It’s all in one place, which means Taylor Milburn no longer has to log into multiple platforms.

“I had feedback from a first-time buyer who obviously had no experience of the home buying process. They told me ‘the portal is great, I check it daily and can see the regular updates. It gives me confidence that Jamie is working hard on my behalf.’”


    • Optimised Operations & Time Efficiency

    • Enhanced Client Communication

    • Created Full Chain Transparency

“Interacting with the Rello team has been great. They really know their stuff and are very responsive.”


Jamie Fisher

Owner & Director of Taylor Milburn

“I used to set aside a day a week to chasing and updating the chains. Rello now does all this for us, and keeps everyone updated, sometimes multiple times a week. We all now have extra time to engage in what we do best, speaking with our clients and listing and selling more properties.”