Introducing Rello

The faster way
to buy and sell property

A service focused on progressing chains to exchange and completion quickly and efficiently, with an app to keep you fully informed along the way.

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For Estate Agents /
Mortgage Brokers

We provide a simple app making the referral process as easy as possible. Chain checking & chasing is done for you – you get full visibility of the chain, and what each party is waiting for before they can exchange, enabling you to see the earliest possible exchange dates.

How we’re transforming an estate agent’s working day

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For Lawyers / Conveyancers

Removes the hassle when agreeing exchange and completion dates by capturing and sharing the information needed and providing simple tools to make it efficient.

See how move progression is revolutionising conveyancing

Tailored digital platform for property buying

For buyers / sellers

Rello reduces the stress of moving house by keeping all parties informed and answering that critical question, “What are we waiting for?”

Find a conveyancer

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Helping fix the chain issue

Rello conveyancing is provided by high quality lawyers supplemented by Rello’s ‘Move progression service’ and the Rello App. Rello lawyers are chosen for their customer service, efficiency of process and completion success.