Rello for Conveyancers

How Rello keeps chains together for solicitors

Dealing with stressed out home movers is no joke, it gets even less funny when agents, brokers and even the solicitors are getting stressed out too. Rello’s solution is Move Progression.

Through simple technology and our move progression team, you and your clients have access to all the information about the chain, who’s involved and what stage they’re at. We help them to take control of this difficult process.

Conveyancers providing a simple home buying and selling process with an estate agent app | Image: Property conveyancer using Rello estate agent app

How Rello is transforming a solicitor’s working day

  • You have access to Move Progression our chain management tool, so you can see where all parties in the chain have progressed to, where they’ve been held up and potential exchange date options.
  • Save time from having to chase other solicitors or estate agents.
  • Your clients can relax, having full knowledge of what’s happening in the chain, and that it’s being proactively managed by rello.
  • Your chains are more likely to complete, to give you happier clients and a more secure revenue stream.