Rello for Estate Agents

Accelerate Growth with 24/7 Live Chain View, Continuously Updated for You and Your Clients

We know you thrive on selling houses, not getting side-tracked with sales progression tasks. 

On average, buyers and sellers check their Rello Chain View status 14 times per day, with some reaching as high as 70 times. Rello significantly reduces the need for calls, emails, and the potential for issues, delays, and misunderstandings that consume valuable time and can derail your sales. 

Most importantly, the efficiency fosters the growth of your agency!

Empowering UK home buyers and sellers with cutting-edge technology, online estate agent software supports sales progression and broker conveyancing. | Image: Brunette UK estate agent uses estate agent app to monitor chain progression
UK estate agents using estate agent app for fast and quality home mover service | Image: UK estate agent using Rello estate agent app

How Rello Is Revolutionising Estate Agencies

  • 24/7 Chain Insight Cuts Deal Time by up to 29 days: The Rello Move Progression team enhances chain management by identifying potential bottlenecks and stepping in to rectify issues before they happen.
  • Increased Productivity: Rello isn’t just a tool; it’s an extra member of your team, arming estate agents with complete visibility of the chain 24/7.
  • Reduced Operation Costs: Reap the cost-effectiveness of a well-equipped sales progression team – built right into the app. They do the legwork so that you can focus on doing what you do best: selling homes.
  • Hassle-Free Property Conveyancing: Recommend Rello property conveyancers for an accelerated transaction: experienced, low caseload, and committed to swift communication for faster completion. With a Rello conveyancer, you also get free access to our Move Progression service and app to view your chains and the progression of every party in real-time.
  • Profitable Client Recommendations: Our estate agency software provides a hassle-free buying process, boosting your client satisfaction and leading to valuable recommendations and reviews.
  • Reduced Stress: For both buyers and sellers, the visibility provided by the sales progression software reduces the stress and uncertainty associated with the often emotional process of buying and selling.

“We have found Rello to be so effective in our business; they are always on hand to offer helpful advice to our clients and their extensive knowledge of property progression ensures a smooth, fast process and offers tremendous peace of mind to all parties. We would highly recommend partnering with Rello to add another arm to your business profile and offer yet another great service to your clients.”

Katy – Branch Partner, Urban & Rural

Make a bigger financial impact with Rello

Dependable Move Progression Team

Let our sales progressors smoothly and efficiently push the chain along by identifying bottlenecks and stepping in to rectify problems before they even start.

Hassle-Free Online Conveyancing

Our selection of online property conveyancers must meet demanding criteria to ensure home movers and estate agents in the UK are fully satisfied with the experience.

Improved Client Communication

Don’t let communication issues ruin quality client relationships! Use Rello to stay in touch and provide ongoing updates about the chain and your client’s next steps.

Competitive Edge in a Crowded Market

Stop wasting funds on strategies that don’t work and replace them with marketing messaging that highlights your most unique feature — user-friendly sales progression software and a dedicated and passionate team driving it.

Reliable Support From a Knowledgeable Team

Get assistance when you need it with our in-house tech gurus and savvy move progressors, offering a combined experience of over 70 years in sales progression and estate agencies.

Don’t Get Left Behind In a Competitive Market

Embrace Efficiency, Embrace Success With Rello.
Add Rello to your sales toolkit to stand out from the competition.