Sales progression reimagined

Finally, LIVE chain visibility for all parties 24/7 without having to chase anyone. Reclaim your time, our promise to you.


Technology assisting UK estate agents and property businesses in sales progression and conveyancing tasks. | Image: Home buyers and Rello estate agent app demo
Online estate agent software for sales progression in the UK | Image: broker conveyancing icon for Rello estate agent app

Save time

Our users report saving at least 1 day per week by reducing the need to chase information.

Digital solution optimising sales progression and conveyancing for UK estate agents | Image: broker conveyancing icon for Rello estate agent app

Happier clients

Our team chases information for you and your client, leading to more completions and more 5-star reviews & referrals.

Estate agent software to speed u sales progression in the UK | Image: estate agent app icon for Rello

Faster completions

Sales progress faster because solicitors, brokers and agents have the same info.


What our users are saying…

I used to set aside a day a week to chase and update chains. Rello now does this all for us and keeps everyone updated, sometimes several times a week. We all know have extra time to engage in what we do best, speaking with our clients and selling more properties.”

Jamie Fisher, Owner Taylor Milburn

“Since partnering with Rello they’ve freed me from routine admin, and reduced chain queries. I’ve also reduced my offer-to-exchange time from 12 to 10 weeks!”

Chris Durant, eXp UK agent

Visual representation of online estate agent software facilitating sales and conveyancing processes. | Image: Rello estate agent app graphic reads "move faster"
personal estate agent using Rello's sales progression app and services to satisfy home buyers in the UK | Image: Young home buyers embrace after completing their home purchase.

Move Progression questions

Q. How does it work?

A. Real people on the ground, putting in the legwork to ensure that the entire chain is pushed proactively. Our team of progressors ensure that information is accurate, up to date and published via our software. All this without relying on other people to update yet another system! 

Q. How can Rello help me? 

A. Rello can unlock key hours in your day, and allow you to get back to important tasks, (like selling more house!) that build your business and make your clients happy.

Meet one of our Move Progressors

Online estate agent app | Image: move progressor for Rello estate agent app

Kylie Tucker

Highly experienced New Build and Estate Agency pipeline & Sales Progression manager of over 25+ years – lover of all things property, Formula 1 and Rugby League!

Begin your journey with Rello today!

It’s as simply as emailing your Memorandum of Sale (MoS) to to activate your Chain View.

Our software is designed with simplicity in mind, requiring no complex tech skills. We’ve made our platform as user-friendly as possible to ensure you and your clients gain the maximum benefit.


Innovative online estate agent software designed to assist UK home buyers and sellers in both sales progression and broker conveyancing. | Image: Rello estate agency app logo

Founded by experts from the property industry who were tired of how long the home moving process was taking. Our mission is to help solve the problems of home movers, estate agents and conveyancers and get people moving, faster.