The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Sales Progressor for Estate Agents 

Estate agent shaking hands with a professional Sales Progressor, sealing a successful partnership.

The property market thrives on efficiency, clarity, and the smooth facilitation of transactions. For estate agents, a sales progressor is not just a facilitator but a cornerstone of successful property transactions. As such, choosing the right service can significantly impact the speed and success rate of sales, affecting both reputation and revenue. Follow this guide to navigate the process of choosing a sales progressor for estate agents and take a closer look at how Rello can help.  

Understanding the Role of a Sales Progressor 

Before diving into the selection process, it’s crucial to understand what a sales progressor does. Essentially, they manage the post-offer process, ensuring that all parties involved are on the same page and that the sale moves towards exchange, and then completion, efficiently. Their tasks include liaising with buyers, sellers, solicitors, and mortgage advisors, addressing any issues that arise promptly. A proficient sales progressor is adept at juggling multiple sales, keeping them all on track towards a successful conclusion. 

5 Must-Have Qualities of Sales Progressors for Estate Agents 

1. The Importance of Experience and Expertise 

Experience and expertise in the field cannot be overstated. When choosing a sales progressor, look for a professional with a proven track record in managing sales processes efficiently. Their experience in navigating the complex terrain of real estate transactions can be a game-changer, ensuring fewer hiccups and a smoother process for all parties involved. 

Key skills of a Sales progressor for estate agents, outlined for the reader.

2. Communication Skills: The Heart of Sales Progression 

The ability of a sales progressor to communicate effectively is paramount. They must be able to convey information clearly and persuasively, keeping all parties informed and reassured throughout the process. Their communication skills can significantly affect the speed of the transaction and the satisfaction of the clients. Evaluate their responsiveness, clarity in communication, and their ability to keep the lines of communication open and effective. 

3. Technological Savvy for Efficiency 

In the digital age, a sales progressor who leverages technology to streamline the sales process is invaluable. Chains are often complex and involve multiple moving parts, so technology can significantly enhance efficiency and transparency. For that reason, consider their familiarity and use of technology as a critical factor. 

4. Adaptability and Problem-Solving Skills 

The path to closing a sale is rarely smooth. Unforeseen issues and last-minute complications are part and parcel of property transactions. A sales progressor’s ability to adapt to changing situations and solve problems quickly and effectively can be the difference between a sale stalling or progressing. Assess their problem-solving skills and adaptability through references or case studies. 

5. Can-Do Attitude 

A positive mindset is another essential quality to seek when hiring a sales progressor for estate agents, allowing them to turn obstacles into opportunities with unwavering determination and creativity. Such a can-do approach ensures a smooth, efficient chain progress by instilling trust and enthusiasm among clients. It transforms potential setbacks into stepping stones towards closing deals successfully. 

Find Peace of Mind With Rello’s Expert Sales Progressors 

Choosing the right sales progressor for your estate agency is a decision that merits careful consideration and due diligence. The perfect candidate will offer more than just administrative support; they will enhance the efficiency, reliability, and reputation of your agency. Rello has become a secret weapon for estate agencies across the U.K. Our tech-savvy sales progressors utilise our chain visibility platform to quickly, effectively, and affordably get sales over the line.  

Skip the hassle of DIY sales progressionfind out how to get Rello on your team today! AND don’t forget to connect with us for more sales progression tips and tricks: LinkedIn and Facebook.

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