Like any project, buying a house can be simple or it can be immensely complex. The size of the chain, situation of the property, the people involved, can all make the project grind to a halt. But with effective management this can be avoided, Rello manages the chain to make sure everyone is kept up to date and moving forwards.

We are standing by to uncover problems and promptly solve them before they derail the whole project getting you moved into your new home sooner.

Size of the chain

Simply, the more houses, the more people are involved in the transaction. If one of those buyers has an issue with their mortgage, their survey, searches or titles it will cause delays for everyone in the chain. The more properties in the chain, the greater the chance a problem will arise.

Who is your conveyancer?

Choosing a conveyancer who will be responsive and move quickly can make all the difference. Having a conveyancer who is slow to order your searches, doesn’t pick up the phone or is unresponsive when queries are raised, will add days if not weeks to your transaction time. Save yourself some stress and choose carefully at the start, search out ratings and read reviews.

Securing your agreement in principle from your mortgage provider

It’s a challenging time to be buying a property right now, interest rates have climbed back to a level not seen since 2008, putting huge financial pressure on buyers. Lenders are also becoming more cautious, so we’re seeing deals being pulled from the market and mortgage offers expiring before the transaction can be completed. This is why working with the right lenders and conveyancers is crucial to push your transaction through to completion in good time.

What has the survey uncovered?

The results of your survey can cause significant delays, if the property is old or in poor condition the survey will highlight the works that will need completing to bring the property up to standard. This can cause delays as price renegotiations will commence when buyers know the works that need completing.

Is the property leasehold?

If you’re buying a leasehold property the conveyancing process is likely to take longer. If you’re dealing with a management company, it’s likely to be more admin and cause delays while you’re waiting on other parties to sign documents.


When you’re dealing with people, communication always has the potential to cause delays. If parties aren’t kept up to date with what’s happening small issues can escalate fast. This is exactly where Rello steps in to help, our Move Progression service keeps all parties in the chain updated 24/7, so you know what stage everyone has got to, and we provide assistance if a problem arises.

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